St. Louis was our home from 1993-1997. Elise earned her Ph.D. in American Literature from St. Louis University, while I gained most of my business acumen and marketing skills working in the real estate, advertising and computer industries in St. Louis. St. Louis is where MediaWell, LLC began as well as where I gained my NLP Practitioner certification. I also continued to read Tarot cards on the weekends at Grand South Grand at Cheap Trix Smart Bar. The Missouri Botanical Garderns was by far our favorite place. We walked there every evening when I returned home from work. At the gardens one can travel the world without boarding a plane. Romantic, lush, rich, invigorating, and if you're a nerd, educational, if you visit St. Louis, you must visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens (started by Henry Shaw, also sometimes called Shaw Gardens).

Of course, our front yard while living in St. Louis was Tower Grove Park, a park that rivals Audubon park in uptown New Orleans. MoKaBe's coffee house on the corner of Grand and Arsenal serves great coffee and conversation every day. We lived at 3624 Arsenal. Some people also like to visit the Anheuser-Busch plant which is 30 blocks East at Arsenal and Interstate 55.

Elise and I miss the high culture of St. Louis the most. Their symphony is so much better than the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra that it's almost unbearable attending the symphony here. We had the pleasure of seeing both Leonard Slatkin as well as Hans Vonk in their prime. Theater throughout St. Louis was also a far cry better than anything ever found in poorer New Orleans.

Of course, New Orleans has low culture, live music and fun seven days a week, 24 hours a day. New Orleans doesn't shut down at 1 am. And New Orleans lets the good times roll. Seven days a week you can find whatever type of music your heart desires (except classical). And New Orleans has mystery and deep culture you won't find anywhere else on the planet, except perhaps Rome, Venice and parts of Chicago and New York.