Introduction to Mystery & Mysticism

[tut image] Although we all come to the subject from varying perspectives, mystery as a word is as rich as the literature which abounds on the subject. For me, it involves a search for the "secrets of the universe" which we seem drawn toward intuitively. Regardless of religion, ideology or tradition, mysticism flows almost naturally from our experience of mystery--an awe and enticement to understand the world around us and master our place in it.

Personal Reflections

The Mystical side of knowledge has helped me gain full use of what the uninitiated call or see as "intuition." Even a cursory or beginner's understanding of mystical tools and mystical knowledge contains the potentional to lead to a mature, integrated personality, which both advances personal being and civilization as we know it. Learning the mysteries leads to many pleasures, joys and sorrows (when we lose somone close to us, or realize a mistake or misconception we've strongly held). The information and links contained here are meant for everyone with mystical interests; they provide varying degrees of entertainment and education as well as various forms of enlightenment.

What Is To Be Gained From Mystical Studies

All proper mystical paths lead to enhanced lives on all levels. The enlightened are those who live healthy, rich lives of abundance and who share what they know with those who are prepared to receive it. The enlightened are known by how they live, not what they say. When the student is ready, the master will appear. And in all searches, healthy skepticism offers important rewards. [Photo of False Teacher? Living Buddha? Enjoyer of Rolls Royce]


Warnings Against Money-Changers

Real mysteries reveal themselves free of charge, although it may take real work to get to the point of being ready to receive the information. Know the service or value before you give any money to anyone. If you're not willing to categorize the expense as "entertainment," you probably shouldn't spend your money. Beware of "secret societies" who make you give up yourself before joining thier not-so-mysterious "lets make money" society. Masons tend to be the worse in terms of expecting donations, gifts, buildings, construction costs, etc. The only people more pay-as-you-go than the Masons are the Scientologists. Beware of anyone who is called "Most Worshipful" and has done nothing more than donate money. Donating money to worthy causes, especially crippled children, is great, but it isn't and shouldn't be some pre-requisite of attaining access to so-called "secrets."

Real Mysticism appeals to people interested in things like mastering intuition, understanding philosophy, achieving spiritual growth, and developing ones' self to its fullest potential, or, alternatively, losing one's ego completely, and bursting into the energy that flows in all and through all.


Properly understood, then, mysticism flows from personal experience of the source and origin of all that exists, digging upon deep and intimate understandings arising naturally from this experience. For most, the understanding of this source flows from ritual, search, and sharing, whether from organized or unorganized religions, philosophical or ideological sources.


Studying mysticism usually leads to abilities to see beyond the surface, a gaining of insight and sometimes "enlightenment" or more often samhadi. It can also be an ear-opening experience that leads you to listen and understand, and talk to that inner voice within, atuning one's self into the one. For yet others, it can be a sense of centeredness, a feeling of contentment, a firm, comfortable grasp on the vibes flowing through experience. Still, others can sniff out the truths,taste a tangible if eneffable bite of the source of all that is and will be.

And of course, to those who are unable to open their senses and minds to it, there's a whole lot of CRAP. You decide.

Personal Disclosure

But let me end with this: I am an extrmely happy human being, with a great life, which I love. I am passionately in love with my wife of over eleven years. We're building a comfortable stable life even as we swim freely in a chaotic flow of information. I am lucky, have two lovely dogs, many friends, and a sense of abundance and mastery that simply could not exist without the mystical and philosophical background which informs much of my experience. Further, Elise and I are expecting our first child in April or May of 2004.

Of course, there are ups and downs. I still miss my father who died over eight years ago. Winters bring me down. And sometimes I make poor choices which have negative consequences. However, all tolled life is great; Elise is wonderful, and things get better and better, in spite of the changed landscape after September 11. Indeed, every year of my life was a little bit better than the previous year, with notable exception of the six months following our American tragedy, and the now evil war against our civil liberties and freedoms being fought by the less-than-intelligent G.W. Bush Administration. While I remain hopeful that the excesses of the police state will be reversed in future administrations, it's scarey that human beings, especially American citizens, can now be held without habeas corpus or basic human rights.

Mystical practice and study has cultivated my abilties of observation, reflection, inner communication and sharing, as well as providing an increased awareness of subtle laws and principles which enhance my life and its myriad possibilities and opportunities. Mysticism, along with other mind-enhancing knowledge, has given me confidence and (magickal?) skills which allow me to achieve whatever I conceive and work toward.

The most amazing sacrament I've experienced is marriage, a sacrament we engaged in and continue to be engaged with within the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the faith tradition of Elise and her family. Elise and I are living and creating (and re-recreating and re-Visioning) the kind of future of which we've always dreamed. Comfort, love, warmth, passion, and the sense that Elise is a goddess in very real way and I'm her husband, co-living, co-habitating and mutually enjoying our experiences together is the greatest "trip" of my life.

I've enjoyed my experiences in nature under the moonlight perhaps greater than any. I remember spinning Elise in a pond in the middle of Kentucky, directly feeling the connection of not only the-oneness-of-the-whole-universe but a sense of our place within our own as-yet-unplanned-unthought-out lives, past information creating a future that still seems fun, creative and amazing. Seeing what seem like spirits, cosmic beings, or hearing a literal and figurative symphony created by the dozens of buzzing, bizzing, clicks, sliding sounds you can only hear at 4 am in a pond, three hours hike from the nearest civilization.

And Elise invisions me as her seven year old SOUL PARTNER. I see her as my MAGICAL WISE OLD WOMAN, a three thousand year old teacher. I think of her as the raisin that once was the grape that just wanted to be eaten, enjoyed, experienced. And the visions, swirling and psychedelic neons, that one sees when you close your eyes while communing with the gods. Sounds, the sounds of breathing, of kisses, of warmth, of feeling love, being loved and loving.

You can see just around a corner of a deep canyon, all the gods and makers, lounging about, copulating, playing chess, strumming away at a Bass. But as Elise and I move around the bend, they quickly put their clothes back on. Dive into swirling cosmic pools. It feels as if someone had shouted, "They're coming. Close it all up. No revelations here. Not today." With gods and goddess, pixies and little creatures of light swirling for about 3 seconds, then nothing. Absolute quiet. Not a cricket. Not a buzz. Nothing. Absolute silence as the sun rises. And hunger rumbles in our bellies....

What You Are Likely To Find

On the following links you will find out how to master your powers of concentration, contemplation, visualisation, commuication, and meditition. You will learn to help yourself as well as others on many levels:physical, psychological, intellectual and (for some) spiritual. Of course, I've also peppered the links with a healthy dose of humor, which remains Good For The Soul.

On the PHYSICAL level, you can learn healthy ways of exercising, diet, and techniques that help to relieve various conditions you may suffer from by enabling you to learn methods of using natural healing processes of the body/mind.

On the PSYCHOLOGICAL level you can learn how to do away with past and present unwanted behaviors, while learning from your past experiences and taking appropriate resources from those experiences forward with you. On the psychological level, you will become aware of your multiplicity of choices and opportunities, leaving behind all that has prevented you from having, being and doing with your life what you want. You free yourself from outside constraints or conditioning to become who you chose to be. These skills will allow you to master any part of your life by changing your attitude to a positive one as simply as you turn-on a light switch.

On the INTELLECTUAL level, you will discover whole new dimensions of thought and understanding, what previously seemed contradictory and paradoxical can become sources of inspiration and deeper understanding of timeless truths about our ever-changing universe. It will help you be able to shift perspectives and ideologies as well as a salamander changes its colors to fit a given situation. Your powers to mutate and adapt to challenges will be enhanced.

On the SPIRITUAL level, you may discover your personal relationship with all that is and perhaps a mission or deeper purpose to your life. This is the most open, most difficult level; what happens here depends wholely on you, and less about what has happened before you thrust yourself upon the scene of this life, while noticing both the oneness and mulitiplicity of the universe.

It is my hope that the links listed below aid you in finding information that is helpful and appropriate to your personal needs and expectations.

Appropriate Links

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