This is the one place we've visited three times since we've been married, and twice we've lost the pictures, they've been destroyed, or the camera self-destructed. New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment. I was born in Santa Fe way back in the last century in the before the sixties got turbulent. Here are a handful of photos. The old church pictured here in is a couple blocks from both the Santa Fe Plaza and the New Mexico Theological Seminary.

The Hilton in Santa Fe is amazing and worth every penny, convenient to everything.

Geronimo restaurant was the second best restaurant I've ever so enjoyed. Behind only a the Leo restaurant in Rome, and a very close third at Commander's Palace in New Orleans. We had four courses, but the most memorable was the Elk, which was far more tasty than steak, but literally fell off your fork, although the consistency was like steak and not roast beef: tender and tasty. The lobster and cream sauce (not butter and garlic) was also amazing. Desert descended straight from heaven.