I wish we had more to show you of this beautiful region of Southern California. San Diego has one of the best climates on the planet. Our tour of wine country as well as the city of San Diego itself was wonderful. Downtown near Horton Plaza are numerous jazz clubs and seafood restaurants. Jim Croce's jazz club and restaurant is simply amazing. Of course, downtown San Diego is unique in that you will see homeless people sleeping right next to Rolls Royces, and crack and pot are sold openly on street corners near the seedier side of downtown, a splattering of strip clubs, pool joints and xxx bookstores.

Just a few blocks away, though, are great high culture activies such as an amazing theatre, and a smattering of smaller theaters and an opera house. Futher just up the hill from downtown is Balbao Park and lush greenery. San Diego's zoo rivals any other. New Orleans' and St. Louis' zoos.