The Aasgaard Family gets bigger with the birth of Clarisse St. Bernadette Aasgaard.

Contemplate beauty and serenity.
The latest pictures as we recover. Next week we start looking for a house... in St. Louis.

Say, brother, can ya spare a dime?

Mama and Daddy really love me. They're taking me away from New Orleans to a safe city of two million people. Parks, Museums, the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens. I can't wait!

I love being in Granny's arms. I hope she comes and visits us often in St. Louis. Airfare is only $140 roundtrip on American Airlines purchased through!       Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers. YUCK! These stink.
It's a shame Granny and Grump don't move to St. Louis with us. Then they could be safe from hurricanes too!      

Please come to St. Louis with us. I don't want you to get hurt in a hurricane.


Powerful Luke, the force runs strong.       Fairie Princess Clarisse...flies anywhere she pleases.

Elise was worrying in New Orleans. Her dog, Stella, gave her some comfort.


      Grump's last visit in New Orleans with Clarisse.
Uncle Mike reads to Clarisse. Clarisse loves uncle Mike.       Grump plays with Clarisse.
Clarisse loves her dog.       Clarisse plays with her new hat.
Look at me!       Read to me, NOOOOOWWWW!!!
I'm trying to chew with my mouth closed. It's harder than you think.       I'm cute! I'm cute!
Girls just want to have fun!       ...and read with uncle Mike.
    Clarisse loves the outdoors, but the mosquito bites take their toll (see red bites on cheek). Daddy loves sweet Clarisse.

Left: Clarisse and cousin Evan

Right: Gruncle Mike plays with Clarisse

    Clarisse moves so fast we think she might be able to fly.

This is the lake that's currently flooding our home. It's so beautiful, and only 14 blocks from our house. Who would have thought that could be a bad thing.

Right: Uncle David Wills and cousin Luke


Left: Super-cute Cousin Luke

Right: Super-cute Granny Bordes

      Cousin Evan practices Jedi Mind Tricks; the Force is strong in this young
Manthei boy.
Clarisse shows early signs of the teaching gene.
How she's grown in just 7 months! She loves peas! She loves rice cereal. We are amazed at just how expressive she is.    
Granny Bordes and Grump Bordes in the background. Yes, Elise's dad prefers to be known as "Grump."

The Big Mouths!

Yes, so it took a while to update things! I promise new pictures sooner next time.

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