Joshua Aasgaard, Ph.D., Counselor, Minister, Collaborative Teacher


Daddy, husband, People Helper, teacher, former marketing director, CBT/distance learning expert, public speaker, kriyaban, corporate trainer, editor, political philosopher, Rainbow Brother, alchemist, marriage and family counselor, former interfaith minister, and ex-political scientist. He has many interests.

My Mission:
"I will make a difference in this world by helping people. In public life, I will do this being the best teacher I can be, focusing on making learning relevant and/or fun through active, hands-and-minds-on teaching. In private life, I will build an amazingly fun company for our employees while providing outstanding value to our customers."

MediaWell, LLC's Mission:
"We will succeed because we will only do those things we enjoy; we will find people who enjoy every necessary function to make our business profitable. Whenever possible we will aim for long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our both our customers and our employees."


A hopeless romantic, in addition to spending time with his wife and daughter, he loves performing wedding ceremonies, and teaching people knowledge & skills to make their lives more abundant.

He graduated from Slidell Senior High and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Pre-law, English & 12 hrs of Computer Science and continued by earning a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of New Orleans. Prior to his conversion to Roman Catholic Christianity, Joshua was also an active ordained minister, and received his Doctor of Philosophy in Interfaith Counseling from the New Mexico Theological Seminary.

Joshua provides pre-marriage, marital and personal counseling. As a certified NLP Practitioner and counselor, Joshua loves helping people overcome personal limitations: eliminate phobias like stage-fright, test-anxiety, fears of success/failure, and of their fears of flying or heights. He can also help teach women how to better communicate with men, and teach men how to appropriately respond to women's communication.

On the secular side, Joshua continues to build on his teacher certifications.

For the next several years, Joshua plans on working in high needs public schools as a special education teacher. This is his Philosophy of Education (MS Word).

He will also be working on a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration or Curriculum and Instruction over the next several years.

Aasgaard has also had a very successful career in technology training, marketing & advertising, public speaking, counseling and teaching.

He plans on growing for next 20 years.

As always, Joshua can be found helping people get more of what they want out of life, while he thoroughly enjoys his own.

His evenings and days off belong entirely to continuing the sixteen-year romance with his beautiful, intelligent and marvelous wife, Elise. His daughter, Clarisse St. Bernadette, brings unimaginable joy to his life.


Additional biographic information.

Born in the winter of the mid 1960s in the land of enchantment, Joshua Aasgaard is the son of Jackson Square portrait artist James Arthur Aasgaard, Sr. (Arthur St. James) and songwriter/homemaker Linda Aasgaard. Joshua has a younger brother, carpenter/preacher James Arthur Aasgaard, Jr. and a younger sister, writer/entrepreneur Betty DeSchinkel.

In 1972, they moved to Louisiana where Joshua grew up mostly on the streets of New Orleans and Jackson Square, and as a child in Slidell, LA a suburb 45 minutes from Jackson Square. With the exception of the time while he and Elise worked on their PhDs out of town, Joshua has lived his entire adult life in New Orleans and considers New Orleans not only his home, but the greatest city on earth.

With relatives in Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston and having spent early childhood in New Mexico and Colorado, Joshua traveled extensively during the summers while he was growing up, and has been to every state in the union except Idaho, Alaska & Hawaii.

With his wife, he has traveled throughout the U.S., western Europe, and Mexico.