Subjects for Discourse, Research, or of Sustained Interest (always changing/evolving)

Ada, Advertising, Aliens (every category), Anarchy, Aristotle, Art, Art History, Artificial Intelligence, Asgaard, Bakunin, Biography, Brandy, Buddhism, Censorship, 8-Circuit Theory, Chaos, Chaos Theory, Chompsky,{Christ [Roman Catholic version] (Jesus) [fundamentalist Protestant version]}, Christs [Pagan version], Communication, Consciousness, Constitutional Law, CGI, Cosmology, Cubism,

Culture , Cyberpunk, Desktop Publishing, Derrida, Dewey, Dogs, Direct Mail, Discordianism Drama, Elise , Eastern Philosophy, Elves, Foucault, Free Will, Futurism,

Come Inside The Volcano

Environmentalism, Ethnobotany, Fairies, FC, Fiction, Food(American, Cajun, Caribbean, Chinese, Cuban,French, Greek, Ita lian, Mexican, Tai),

Gaia (Earth), Game Theory, Gandhi, Gewirth, Gnosis, Hiedeggar, World History, Hitler, Hobbes, Hobbits, HTML, Gestalt, I-Ching, Ideology, Imperialism, Insanity, Intelligence, Internet, Isolation Tank, Inspiration, Jefferson, Kropotkin,, Language, Lao Tsu, Law, LeGuin, Libertarianism, Literature, Locke, Local Area Networks (LANs), Lomasky, LSD, Machiavelli, Magick (Western), Nestor Makhno, Marketing, Marx, Mathematics, Meditation, Metaprogramming, Motivation, 60s Movement, Middle Earth, Mill, Miscellaneous, Music (Acid Jazz, Ambient, Blues, Classical, Dead Can Dance, Improvisational, Instrumental, Nature Sounds, New Age, Jazz, RocknRoll {60s, 70s, some 80s}, World Beat--pretty much anything except country.)World Beat) Mussolini, Mysticism, Mythology, Networking, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Neuroscience, Non-Fiction, Novels, Number Theory, Opera, Paganism, Paine, Perl, Philosophy (Western), Physics, Pixies, Plato, Poetry, Politics (Louisiana state, New Orleans, St. Louis, Missouri state, California, Illinois state, E. St. Louis, United States {Congress, Supreme Court, President, FDA, USDA, OSHA, FCC, CIA, ATF, FBI, State Department}, United Kingdom, European Union, French, & United Nations), Pop Culture, Power, Psilocybe, Psychedelic Experience, Psychology, Religions, Rights, Rousseau, Russell, Sales,Science-Fiction, Self-Help, Sexton, Sexuality, Shamanism, Shue, Stein, Strangeness, Sufism, Supreme Court, Surrealism, Survival, Tantra, Taoism, Tarot, Thoreau, Unibomber, Utopia, Volcanos, Western Occultism (general), Whitehead, Whitman, Wicca, Women, X-Dancing, Yeats, Yoga, Zen