Elise B. Aasgaard Ph.D., Goddess of Poetry, Love, and Passion; Mother of Clarisse St. Bernadette Aasgaard - demigoddess of the Universe.


Poet, genius, scholar, writer, teacher, lover, Rainbow Sister, friend to animals.

Born, December 19, 1970, Elise Schmid Bordes, daughter of pharmacist Bruce Gerald Bordes and artist/homemaker Judy Ann Bordes, has two sisters, attorney Jane B. Wills, pharmacist/homemaker Laura B. Manthei.

Elise grew up in the sultry heat of New Orleans and its subversive culture. Her love of words began when her mom read her fairy tales as a child; she would make her mother read the same fairy tales over and over because she loved the way they sounded, especially Hans Christian Andersen.

She wrote her first poem in eight grade, and developed a maturity in her writing while attending the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. She graduated from St. Mary's Dominican and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in English (cum laude) with a minor in French from Loyola University in New Orleans. She received her Masters in English (with distinction) from St. Louis University. In May of 2000, she received her Doctor of Philosophy in English from Saint Louis University. She is currently teaching full time at the University of New Orleans. She teaches a varying course load, including literature and dram, poetry, and composition.

She's married to Joshua Alvin Aasgaard, who worships her every breath, and who feels lucky to be married to the single most wonderful woman in the universe.